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Bridal Make Up. The Ins and Outs that you need to know.

So another week has gone by and we’re back with yet another blog, and although we believe that all our brides glow comes from deep within the love they share on their day we also know that there is always a super talented makeup artist behind that special smile on that big day.

We sat down with Kerry Greco from Kiss the Bride hair and makeup who along with her talented team has done more than their fair share of Umtamvuna weddings to discuss some important things to take into consideration when selecting your make up artist for your day.

1. THE STYLE: As with photography and videography every makeup artist has their own unique style and look or feel to what they do. Make sure you go onto the company you considerings website, Facebook page or Instagram to see if they suit you and what you want best. Book a company according to their style and how it matches your own and you won’t be disappointed.

2. PRODUCTS USED: the quality of make up that is being used by your artist is very important! You wouldn’t book a photographer using their phone camera and the same goes for makeup. Make sure your make up artist uses professional make up this will allow your make up and smile to last the whole day.

3. PREPPING & PRIMING: for flawless coverage, your makeup artist needs to prep & prime.

4. SETTING: make sure your make up artist uses a setting spray to set your makeup, your day is not short and the time from when your make up is done to your creative shoot can easily exceed 2 hours, setting spray will allow your makeup to last all day.

5. CHEAP IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER: We all know and understand the constraints and challenges with Wedding Budgets today but at the same time we do encourage our brides to consider spending a little extra on their bridal makeup to make sure they’re getting top quality products that will last throughout the whole day.

THE BEST TIP: Book a bridal trial. Your make up artist is the person you are going to be spending the majority of your build-up to your ceremony with and it is vital that you feel comfortable and have a relationship with them. Spending time with your makeup artist at your bridal trial is a great way to form a relationship with her and this will allow you to not only stress less about the result on the day but also ensure that you will be comfortable throughout the process.

That does it for this week's Blog if you would like to find out more about Kerry and her wonderful team feel free to head over to their social pages on or visit their website on If you are in and around the Shelly Beach area you are also welcome to visit them at their Hair and Makeup Studio aptly named "The Studio" to meet them in person and find out more.

We look forward to helping you with your next wedding planning dilemma soon!

Images: Peachy Keen Photography

Cheers The Umtamvuna Weddings Team.

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