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Videography. Everything you need to know in this ever changing industry.

This week we decide to dive into the ever changing and ever growing in popularity world of videography. From the way they are recorded and delivered over the last decade has changed drastically in both the film and wedding world. For this subject we decided to sit and chat to Tim Woodley and Matti Buys from Yours Truly Visuals, still relatively new to the game but definitely the most familiar with our venue too go over the ins and outs of booking your videographer.

1.What are the first few things a couple should consider before contacting their prospective videographers?

The Style of shoot they are looking for.

Too keep it at as simple as possible we find that often people are looking for one of two types of videos. Some are looking for your more traditional “documentation” of the day where the production and editing is relatively simple and the focus is more on capturing the ceremony, speeches and formalities of the day, where as now we are finding more people are looking at your cinematic shorter film or highlight reel which is more produced allowing the videographer to bring out more of the emotion from the day as well as they day in its entirety, from getting ready to your last formalities, combined with music and audio from your vows or speeches into a compilation of aesthetically pleasing moving images, this format is often between 3 and 5 minutes long and is also more suitable for sharing via your different social platforms and also our preferred discipline of Videography.

2. Lets Talk Packages and Prices, how does it work when booking a Videographer?

This will vary from videographer to videographer but what we offer is a basic package that allows us to capture your day in its entirety and to receive a basic 2 minute highlight reel, we then give all our couples the opportunity to upgrade the length of their edit either before or even after their day. This means they are not restricted to their budget for the day and that they could upgrade their 2 minute to a 5 or 7 minute edited video up to even a year after their special day. This hopefully making videography a more affordable option for all couples.

3. Are there any do’s and do nots when it comes to booking your wedding with a videographer?

Much like photography we don’t give away any of our raw footage. We do understand that couples would however love to have all the speeches etc. that didn’t make the cut, for this we do offer a the option of a video that will include these videos but this still does require a certain amount of editing and adjusting.

Other than that we try to discuss and run through any questions our couples might have a head of them booking. We don’t believe in any wrong questions to ask as we know each couples day is unique and special in its own way.

This just about does it for a videography section, we hope it helps you in getting the right person for your day! If you wish to contact the guys at Yours Truly feel free to check out their social media platforms on @yourstrulyvisual or check out their website at

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