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3 Questions To Ask Your Venue When Booking Your Wedding

Here at Umtamvuna River Lodge we know very well that planning your big day can be one the most exciting, memorable but yet also stressful times you’ve had to experience. So to help you along the way to your dream day we have teamed up with some of our closest service providers to put together a list of questions for you to make sure you ask, be it your venue, photographer and even DJ when it comes to planning your day.

As home is where the heart is, we decided to kick off our series of questions with what we know best, The Venue.

Potentially the most permanent decision you will make (other than the spending the rest of your life with your significant other) during your planning process is your venue. From Beach, to Forest and Urban Weddings there really is a plethora to choose from. All aesthetics aside, we have outlined a few fundamental questions that will help get you through the planning of your big day.

1. Does the venue in question have a suitable plan B? This one applies more to your Beach / Outdoor weddings and since we are a Beach wedding venue we felt this would be the perfect one to include. Often venues that are blessed to be in picturesque places are also cursed in being open to the elements when the weather does turn. This is why it is important to make sure that should things turn for the worst on the weather side that your venue is well equipped to handle the necessary numbers and movements for your day AND should that happen will it be at an extra cost or not?

2. Are the packages I am reading inclusive of every cost? Or are there any surprises down the line? As obvious as this question may seem it is often one that goes wanted, be it due to you feeling awkward asking it, or there seems to just be way more on your mind than what you expected. From breakage deposits to extra staffing issues you never know what might be thrown your way a week before or even after the day, be sure to sit down and communicate thoroughly with your venue on the exact costs and policies they have in place.

3. Is the venue flexible with its closing time? Lets face it, no-one wants to end a party just as it gets going and often after all the formalities of your night are over there sometimes just isn’t enough time for you and your guests to soak it all up and celebrate. Get in touch with your venue and be sure to ask them when it is they are expected to close but also are they flexible to go on later? Most, in fact nearly all will agree to do it at an extra cost but bare in mind this probably won’t include your DJ, in some cases the venue might even offer you alternatives, for example here at Umtamvuna we offer an after hours bonfire service that allows guests to enjoy a bonfire on the beach and party on to their hearts content after the bar and reception area has closed. So do your research and see how you can make it work for you and your guests.

That does it for our first edition of these questions but be sure to keep tabs on us as we will be

bringing out weekly questions for you to keep in the know when it comes to planning your big day!

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