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Arrive by water to the main beach for your ceremony - phot by James Carlson


What do you require from us in order to book our wedding date of choice?

We are happy to hold your booking for 7 days from date of quotation. A 75% non refundable deposit is required no later than 7 days to confirm your function. This may be paid by cash, or electronic transfer to our bank account. Upon payment of the deposit, the proof of payment and agreement / terms & conditions must be forwarded to Umtamvuna River Lodge. Should written  confirmation, the deposit as well as a signed copy of the terms and conditions not be received before this date, we reserve the right to release your booking. 

What is the best time of year to get married (weather-wise)?


While it is impossible to predict the weather on a day-to-day basis, we can tell you that generally summer holds more rainfall than winter in this region. Winters are mild and mostly clear. November and December are quite rainy although there are beautiful sunny days too, and January and February are the hottest and most humid months of the year on average.

March, April, May, June and July would be our safest options weather wise. 

Unfortunately we cannot refund you any venue fees based on the weather; although we will refund you for the boat hire as well as bonfire option provided it is cancelled the morning of the wedding. if you have pre-booked these and due to unforseen circumstances not able to utilise this option.


Umtamvuna River Lodge wedding - James Carlson photography

Do we have exclusive use of the venue for our wedding day?


Yes, you and your guests will enjoy the privacy and exclusivity of the venue. We will never run another event the same day as your wedding.


Is there alternative accommodation available that is close by for guests? Is there a taxi service available?


There is plenty accommodation nearby, some less than a kilometer away. Simply ask for an accommodation list or weblink as well as the contact details of a taxi service, should you require this.

Umtamvuna River Lodge is a photographers heaven

Is breakfast included in the wedding package for guests?


No, only for the bride & groom. If breakfasts  are required please make prior arrangements with our wedding team.


When do you need our final numbers and menu choices?


These details should be finalized at least six weeks before your wedding date. This is when your final invoice will be sent. Please arrange a meeting with our team before finalising any menu choices so that we can advise and offer suggestions if necessary.

Nicole Dry photo by James Carlson

When can we expect our recon and breakage deposit to be returned?


We aim to arrange this as soon as possible after the wedding has taken place. It will be no later than one month after the wedding date.


We are only having 50 guests or so. Can the venue fees be reduced for us?


We cannot bring the venue hire fee down based on the amount of guests, as we offer no more than one wedding per weekend with exclusive use of the venue. Where you will save is on your menu, as this is charged per head.


Are the strip draping and fairylights on the main deck inclusive?

What about the draping of the arch/gazebo for the ceremony?


These are additional extras, as not everyone opts for these. If you are interested in these, please ask us for prices.


Bride on the lawn at Umtamvuna River Lodge - photo by James Carlson

What does the staff gratuity/service fee cover and for which items is it applicable?


This simply covers tips for the hardworking staff who are dedicated to making your wedding a success. The percentage applies to all food and beverages served on your wedding day, including snack platters and any bar tab. It is wise to take this into consideration. It will be reflected on your final invoice one month before the wedding date.


























May we use your antique wooden tables and chairs under a Nomadik Tent/Marquee on the beach/beach deck/garden?


Unfortunately not. As they are handmade antiques we do not allow them to be moved. For receptions that are not held on the main deck, you would need to hire in alternative tables and chairs. Please ask our wedding co-ordinator to organise the best quotes from our preffered suppliers.


May we set a bar tab? What is a good limit to set?


You may set a full or partial bar tab, or have a cash bar. If you set a tab, then on the night, when the limit is almost reached, we will notify you and you can decide what to do from there (go onto cash bar or you may decide to add more to the tab.) You may specify which drinks you would like on your tab; ask us for a bar list closer to the time.

As each set of guests is unique it is hard for us to dictate what limit is fair. A good way to work out how much your tab should be is to ask yourself how much you would be willing to spend on drinks per guest ( R100? R150? R200?) and then multiply that amount by the amount of confirmed guests.

What is the corkage fee?


The corkage fee is R40 per 750ml bottle of wine or champagne. We do not allow any other type of alcohol to be brought in.


Does the venue hire include a Stretch Tent? Can it be moved from the Beach Deck?​​


Yes it does include the use of the stretch tent over the beach deck only. Unfortunately it cannot be moved and setup else where on the venue. If you require additional stretch tents this can be organised through our wedding team at an additional cost.

May we mix and match between serving styles for the courses

- say, have a platter starter, a buffet main and a plated dessert?


You are welcome to do so. It makes for a more interesting and appealing menu. If you are opting for a plated course, please do not offer more than two choices to your guests to minimize complications. We do need the number of the options beforehand, as well as a seating chart so that we can provide the right guest with their preferred plated course choice.


Can weddings of over 150 guests take place at Umtamvuna River Lodge?

Yes, we have held some beautiful large weddings here.

You would  need to hire in a garden marquee/ Nomadic stretch tent, as our decks are not large enough to accommodate that amount of guests. You would also need to hire in tables and chairs for reception and chairs for your ceremony, which you may still hold on the river beach.

You would need to hire in additional table linen, crockery, cutlery and glasswear as well.

Our wedding co-ordinator will can get the best quotes from reliable service providers as we are constantly working together with them.


Click on link to find out more about Stretch Tents

We love your river beach, but have our hearts set on getting married on the 'real' beach.

What options do we have?

We have held stunning weddings on the actual beach downriver from us. There are more costs and logistics involved, however,

as the only access to that beach is by boat (there is no road access). This would mean that you would need to  hire our luxury pontoon boat and other deck boats.  You'd also need to consider , first to transport chairs/arch and so on, and then to transport the bridal party and photographers. You would also need to hire the chairs for the beach, as our pews (which are included in the venue hire fee) are too heavy to transport by boat. Also remember that our river beach is on private property and it is more secluded from wind and sound factors than the actual beach. For beach weddings, you'll need a permit which can be obtained easily at the local municipality.

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