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Tropical beach wedding with a Marie Antoinette bride and horses

We got Married at the Umtamvuna River Lodge on 17 January 2015 but we held it over a weekend as to spend quality time with family and friends. Me and Jacques never wanted to have an ordinary wedding and Jacques always though that a beach wedding would be a great idea, but we also wanted to have comfort and be close to where our guests will be staying.

As for us our wedding day was important to be shared with friends and family. And all we wanted really was to share this precious moment together and with the people we love while bonding with everything. We found that the Umtamvuna offered all these options for us and the package we chose was perfect.

Halfway throughout planning the wedding me and Jacques noticed that we do not really know what we were doing and if we were getting to everything that we needed to get to and we got a wedding planner and coordinator at Umtamvuna to help. Which was great because it lifted quite a weightful stress off us. For me it is important that brides include their husbands in planning the wedding as it is just as much about them as it is about the bride. And I am glad I did there were some wonderful aspects to the wedding that made it so much more fun than if I had planned it all by myself.

We had a very short wedding ceremony as we already got married legally with the formalities behind us in September 2014. The ceremony was just a walk in by horse and exchange of rings to Gabrielle Aplins lovely song the power of love. And that was it. We never cared for long ceremonies and knew that no one else really cared for it too much either.

We had a pre reception under palm trees outside which was a lovely refreshing feeling. After that we went on barge to the beach for some lovely photos and went back for the reception, which was beautifully decorated and we had a lot of candles for that perfect ambience.

We had a cigar and wine table which we enjoyed throughout the night. We also after eating had a bin fire and lit some sky and water lanterns. After most people went to go sleep we had some karaoke with our friends which was so much fun.

Then we could go sleep with most of our friend and families around us and wake up the next morning to a great breakfast with all of them.

The weather gave us a bit of everything which was for me perfect because we had lovely, gorgeous photos. All in all it was not cold and only moth rained for a few minutes. J But there was plentiful sunshine for a rememberable day.

I would not have asked for more, it was a perfect day and everyone still speaks of how unique and fun the wedding weekend was.

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