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South Africa's premier wakeboarding venue. Located at Umtamvuna River Lodge on the south coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal. Home to some of the best pro wakeboarders South Africa and Europe has to offer. Wakeboard in warm tropical conditions year round on flat water. Utilise our 2 point cable system in our wakeboard park with personal instruction by Kevin Dry and other top international pro wakeboarders. This is where the South African section of Oakleys "Push Process"  was filmed.. If you are a boardrider who loves surfing uncrowded surf spots in boardshorts and wakeboarding or wakeskating on protected, flat, warm water, skating mini ramps, staying at a lodge in comfortable airconditioned rooms.. you have just found heaven!!


Welcome to Kev's backyard.. Owner of Umtamvuna River Lodge and retired pro wakeboarder. Kevin was on the US Pro tour from 1998 until 2001 and on the European Pro Tour from 2000 until 2003, travelled the Globe coaching and competing until meeting his beautiful wife Nicole and together finding their very own piece of South African paradise " Umtamvuna River Lodge" back in 2004.

With wakeboarding and wakeskating evolving as fast as it has in the past 10 years the introduction of 2 Tower Systemns has been a game changer in our sport. Drones and Go-pros have  also pushed the limits of videography and photography. Who knows what the future holds.. This is a short video by Tim Woodley of Kevin Dry playing in his backyard at Umtamvuna River Lodge filmed from a drone. Please watch in HD.. Enjoy

The aim of Sessions was to break the mould of the ”traditional” wakeboarding contest scene so that the general public could experience the wakeboarding and surfing lifestyle as apposed to merely watching a few impressive tricks. We hoped to get the crowd, aspiring wakeboarders as well as amateur riders, more involved and broaden brand awareness of all the affiliated companies and organizations. It was designed to attract and appeal to the tastemakers that take an active role in setting the style, hottest trends and overall ingenuity within the wakeboarding & surfing community.

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